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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen other publications stack half-page ads on top of each other on the same page. Do you?
No. We place a single, half-page ad on a page. We do not stack half-page ads on the same page.

Some publications place fractional ads on the left side of the page, near the spine of the magazine, making them difficult to notice. Do you do that?
No. Fractional ads are placed on the outside, right-hand side of a page.

Is there a different rate based on the orientation of my fractional ad?
No. All rates are the same based on ad size. There is no additional charge for island ads or vertical or horizontal positioning.

If I’m booking multiple ads, will I be billed for everything at once?
Each issue is billed after it is mailed. You pay for each ad after it has run in the magazine. If you would prefer to prepay or make one payment for the entire ad program, we are happy to arrange that.

I need help creating my ad from scratch or adjusting an ad I have. Can you help?
Of course! Our in-house design team can help with your ad at no charge.

Do you offer agency discounted rates?
No. We set out to redefine publishing and simplify advertising. Our prices are NET. What you see is what you pay.

I see that there are different rates for the same size ad listed in the media planner. How do I get the lowest rate?
Ad rates are based on frequency. The more issues advertise in, the lower the rate is for each ad.

Does my ad appear in both the print and digital version of the magazine?
Yes. ESG Magazine is offered in print and digital formats. Your ad will be appear in each.