A Pure Partnership

Alfa Laval And INERCO Sign An Alliance For The Joint Development Of ZLD Solutions Using Evaporation Technology

Alfa Laval Iberia (Alfa Laval) and INERCO Engineering, Technology, and Consulting SA (INERCO), have established an alliance for the development of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) projects. Alfa Laval actively contributes to the development of the areas of energy, marine, food, and water through heat transfer, separation, and fluid management technologies. Alfa Laval provides several compression solutions. Its vacuum vapor compression distiller converts sea and brackish water through distillation into high-purity water for domestic and industrial use. The compressors operate on oil and gas offshore platforms, power plants, cruise lines, and remote onshore locations.

The company has a presence in the Iberian Region (since 1958 in Spain and since 1985 in Portugal) and has more than 100 employees between Spain and Portugal (Lisbon). INERCO specializes in solutions design, including the development and supply of customized solutions for water treatment and purification.

The partnership’s ZLD projects are based on evaporation technology and involve the treatment of all liquid effluents until they achieve sufficient quality to allow their reuse. In many cases, it is possible to take advantage of surplus heat to carry out the evaporation of effluents. The efficient management and responsible use of water by industries will have a notable impact on the future availability of this indispensable resource.

Most industries require the use of water within production processes and, therefore, a large amount of wastewater effluent is generated and must be treated. Through evaporation, zero discharge systems allow the treatment of these residual effluents until obtaining the high-quality that can be used later. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the dependence and consumption of water as a raw material, optimize the management of liquid waste, reduce the negative impact on the environment, and reduce industry operating costs.