Wärtsilä Technology For New Mexico Power Plant Expansion

Wärtsilä 34SG Engines Inside A Power Plant

Wärtsilä will supply the generating equipment for an 18-MW expansion to an existing power plant in Farmington, New Mexico. Using reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) technology, the plant will operate on natural gas fuel. The plant will replace lost generating capacity following the closure of a coal-fired power plant and also provide flexible dispatchable power for the utility and its power needs.

“We are excited to partner with Wärtsilä on this important project,” said Hank Adair, electric utility director for the City of Farmington. “The Farmington Electric Utility System is responsible for ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to its ratepayers, and this new power plant will help us ensure that we meet these responsibilities. This project meets and exceeds all the objectives of our Integrated Resource Plan.”

The two Wärtsilä 34SG gas-fueled engines selected for this project are also capable of operating on biogas, synthetic methanol, and hydrogen blend. The Wärtsilä equipment for the project is expected to be delivered by January 2025. When operational, the plant will provide sufficient power to deliver electricity to approximately 14,000 homes.

“This project is another great example of RICE technology fulfilling important needs of US utility customers such as firm dispatchable capacity with superior flexibility,” said Jon Rodriguez, director of engine power plants for North America at Wärtsilä Energy. “Our involvement in projects such as this highlights our dedication to supporting our customers as they transition to cleaner, more reliable energy.”