New Technologies to Support Installing Turboexpanders At Wellhead Locations

    Sapphire Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of energy recovery systems for hydrogen and natural gas industrial applications, is entering its next stage of growth as it expands its turboexpander offering. In August 2023, the company secured a US$10 million investment through its Series B funding and saw a workforce growth rate of 200%, positioning the business for progress and strategic collaborations, including wellhead applications, amid continued global expansion in 2024.

    Sapphire is continuing to leverage key partnerships to expand its turboexpander technology in markets around the globe. In midstream applications, the company has introduced products with an upgraded pressure rating of 1600 psi-g (pounds per square inch gauge), surpassing the operational needs of most midstream pipelines. Simultaneously, in wellhead applications, Sapphire delivered two units resilient against water vapor and liquid drop-out. Throughout these advancements and partnerships, the company remains dedicated to generating zero-emissions electricity. Key partnerships and projects for Sapphire in 2023, included:

    Partnership With Tallgrass

    Sapphire built and successfully tested the initial eight turboexpanders, with more under development. Once installed, this advanced technology will enable Tallgrass to harness otherwise wasted energy and produce clean, carbon-free power.

    Partnership With CNX Resources

    The partnership resulted in the development and delivery of a FreeSpin In-line Turboexpander, which has been adapted for operation in applications where liquids are present in the gas. Sapphire completed and validated several design changes to waterproof the system.

    TB Global Technologies Ltd.

    Sapphire strengthened its partnership with TB Global Technologies to further expand its footprint in the Japanese market. Sapphire commissioned two FreeSpin In-line Turboexpanders last year, which generated 3.5 GWh of clean energy, effectively offsetting 2700 tons (2449 tonnes) of CO2e emissions from the atmosphere.

    “As we reflect on the strides made in 2023, securing a significant US$10 million investment stands as a testament to Sapphire Technologies’ unwavering dedication to transforming the clean energy sector. With the support from industry leaders and investors, we’re excited about the prospects ahead,” said Freddie Sarhan, chief executive officer of Sapphire Technologies. “As we continue to combat global carbon emissions, we’re focused on pursuing opportunities for expansive growth in emerging markets, including the dynamic landscape in the Middle East, where we are currently evaluating groundbreaking pilot projects with oil and gas companies in the region.”

    Looking ahead, Sapphire will prioritize the development of technologies to support the installation of turboexpanders at wellhead locations through development testing. Part of the company’s focus will be commercializing solutions to mitigate the effects of hydrogen sulfide in the process gas.