Wales Gets Its First Bio-CNG Station

(Image Courtesy Of ReFuels N.V.)

ReFuels N.V. (ReFuels), a European supplier of renewable biomethane (bio-CNG) for the decarbonization of heavy goods vehicles, has opened a new refueling station at Bangor in North Wales. This is the 13th public access bio-CNG station operated by ReFuels in the UK under the CNG Fuels brand. Major fleets will use the station in Bangor to significantly reduce transport emissions.

“Already, a number of our [heavy goods vehicles] HGV’s have travelled more than 621,371 miles [1 million km] on low-carbon, 100% renewable biomethane,” said Glen Morgan, operations manager at Dixon Transport. “CNG Fuels’ newest station in Bangor opens up routes to and from Holyhead, for both Irish and UK fleets. We now have a fleet of 22 bio-CNG trucks, operated by both Dixon Transport and Carna Transport, helping us to slash emissions by up to 90% versus our comparable diesel HGVs.”

The station at Bangor is owned by a joint venture (JV) with Foresight Group. It features 12 fuel pump islands, allowing more than 500 trucks to be refueled per day with a total capacity of 55.12 million pounds (25 million kg) of bio-CNG annually. The new facility is located in Parc Bryn Cegin, just off Junction 11, North Wales Expressway. It is ideally suited to all North Wales traffic as well as covering all trucks heading to and from the Holyhead Port.

The current CNG Fuels network in the UK can refuel more than 6500 HGVs daily. This equals an annual dispensing capacity of almost 330,693 tons (300,000 tonnes) of biomethane annually and a potential saving of more than 881,849 tons (800,000 tonnes) of CO2 emissions annually when compared to diesel. The year-end 2026 target of 30 to 40 stations in operation equals a total capacity of up to 15,000 HGVs per day and more than 661,387 tons (600,000 tonnes) of biomethane annually.

The group has one more station under construction in Aylesford in Southeast England and expects two further stations to commence construction during the financial reporting year ending 31 March 2024.