Vision RNG And Waste Connections To Convert Landfill Gas To RNG At Oklahoma Landfill

Vision RNG (VRNG), a full-service developer of projects designed to convert landfill gas (LFG) to renewable natural gas (RNG), and Waste Connections, an, integrated solid waste services provider, announced that they are partnering on a project to convert LFG to RNG, at Waste Connections’ Southern Plains landfill in Grady County, Oklahoma. The agreement also includes an option to build two additional RNG facilities at Waste Connections’ Red Carpet and Osage Landfills, also located in Oklahoma.

A natural byproduct of decomposing landfill waste, LFG is typically collected and flared to burn off the methane it contains as required by regulators. However, collecting and converting the methane present in LFG into a cleaner, renewable fuel – consistent with VRNG and Waste Connections’ planned practices at the Oklahoma landfill – is intended to serve as a solution to reduce the need for combustion of new fossil fuels.

VRNG and Waste Connections anticipate the first project will produce more than 370,000 MMBtu’s of RNG annually. Once commissioned, the project is expected to result in the avoidance of more than 16,464 tons (14,936 tonnes) of fossil-based carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions yearly. Vision RNG said the LFG-to-RNG project executed under the partnership is expected to help support the local economy by creating dozens of construction jobs and full-time plant operator positions.