Germany And Poland Sign Joint Declaration For Oil Security

German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck and Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa met via video link to sign a Joint Declaration to deepen the existing cooperation between their countries in the field of security of oil supply. Germany and Poland recognized the interdependency of the Polish and eastern German oil markets both in relation to the oil products as well as to jointly used crude oil infrastructure. By signing the declaration, both sides aim to safeguard the operation of the Polish refineries in Gdańsk and Płock and the German refineries in Schwedt and Leuna to ensure they are supplied with sufficient amounts of crude oil. Habeck and Moskwa encouraged bilateral investments, trade, and the cooperation between German and Polish oil companies to maximize the use of their infrastructure and strengthen energy security.

“This declaration affirms our common will to cooperate to optimize the conditions for oil supplies to Polish and German refineries that are connected to the Polish pipeline system,” said Minister Moskwa. “It helps to optimize the conditions for fuel supplies to customers in both countries. This cooperation strengthens Poland’s role in German energy security at the same time as improving our own security. I hope this declaration will boost the development of joint projects and investments between Polish and German companies.”

“I expressly welcome the collaboration between oil companies in Poland and Germany as there is a great need for cooperation,” said Minister Habeck. “Phasing out Russian crude oil is a challenge for refineries in both Poland and Germany. This declaration is an important step and strengthens the energy security of Poland and Germany.”