Out And About On Earth Day

    The Third Coast Publishing Team Finds Quirky Ways To Soak Up The Earth Day Sun

    This arrangement was made completely from biodegradable materials. Not even floral foam or plastic tubing was used. Ace Barry of Fulshear Floral Design used bamboo to hold the water for the orchids instead of plastic water tubes.

    As a follow up to last week’s Earth Day post, we thought we’d share how we spent the Earth Day weekend. From art shows to planting home gardens, there are many ways we can take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature and all her beauty. However, appreciation without action misses the point. We must remember that it is our responsibility as guests on planet Earth to preserve what we have and make it an even better place for future generations to enjoy.

    Brent saw these gorgeous paper flowers while exploring Houston on Earth Day.
    The start of a new beginning.
    Foelber Pottery’s 2022 “Contained & Arranged” is a creative collaboration between ceramists and floral designers. The exhibit continues through May 1st.
    A tribute to Ukraine, with blue and yellow flowers representing the Ukraine flag.
    Kale from a friend’s garden and amaryllis from Judy Adams’ garden created a dramatic arrangement for a John Foelber vase.
    Amanda prepares her garden for the long-awaited Wisconsin Summer.
    Débora’s personal assistant, Julia, at a local nursery store choosing plants to create a butterfly garden.
    Sarah saw these lovely wildflowers while taking an Earth Day stroll over the weekend.
    Raeanna spent the weekend working on their butterfly garden.