Alaskan Waste Facility Turns To Microturbines For Improved Efficiency

Five Capstone Integrated Heating And Power Dual-Mode Microturbines For Anchorage Waste Management Facility

Capstone Green Energy Corp. (Capstone) has secured an order for five Capstone 65 integrated heating and power dual-mode microturbines from a waste management facility in Anchorage, Alaska. Each Capstone 65 microturbine provides up to 65 kW of electric power while the UL-Certified microturbine provides up to an additional 150 kW of thermal power for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

The system will provide both heat and power for all the facility’s critical infrastructure required to operate the site, even during extreme winter weather conditions. Fueled by natural gas, the microturbine-based energy array will run in “multi-pack,” providing 325 kW of power as it operates primarily in parallel with the local utility. Using Capstone’s automatic dual-mode capabilities, the system will be able to automatically switch to standalone backup power in the event of a local grid failure. The system is expected to be commissioned in September 2022.

The customer pursued the new power system as part of its plan to expand one of its main facilities. Overall, the system will help the municipality reduce costs by providing a hedge against rising utility rates. Cost reduction will also be achieved through the inherent efficiency of the CHP system. Arctic Energy provided essential support to the customer in calculating the economics and handling the project design.

“Municipalities have tremendous opportunity to leverage the cost efficiencies and reliability of CHP, especially in light of growing constraints on the utilities,” said Darren Jamison, chief executive officer of Capstone Green Energy. “Beyond these benefits, there are also the environmental benefits of running a highly efficient system. These are the kind of wins that give constituents confidence that their local leaders are truly looking after their best interests.”

Headquartered in Van Nuys, California, Capstone provides customized microgrid solutions and onsite energy technology systems.