Enel’s Agricultural Energy Hub

Companies Recognize Agriculture’s Role In The Energy Transition

Enel X, Enel’s global business line dedicated to innovation and digital solutions, and the agricultural business, Borgoluce, have signed an agreement as part of the “Il Sistema Agricolo” program launched by Enel together with Confagricoltura last year out of awareness of the important role the agricultural sector plays in the energy transition. With Borgoluce, Enel X will install three photovoltaic systems for a total power of 569 kWp. This is complemented by a service to assess direct and indirect carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and data analysis to identify the best solutions for decarbonization and greater circularity of the production process. Production from solar sources will contribute to reducing total annual energy consumption by 668,522 kWh, avoiding the emissions into the atmosphere of 303,910 kg of COper year.

“The signing of the agreement with Borgoluce gives further impetus to Enel X’s commitment to a model of sustainable development in which energy efficiency and innovation are at the service of the world of agriculture,” said Augusto Raggi, head of Enel X Italia. “The challenges of the energy transition require a rethinking of business activities in which decarbonization is the key lever. The launch of this partnership, a wide-ranging agreement that integrates photovoltaics, electric mobility, and the circular economy to support the agricultural sector, is a clear example of how we are headed in this direction.”

“Renewable sources have played an important role for the company for many years,” said Lodovico Giustiniani, director of Borgoluce. “Two 100-kW boilers each powered by wood chips from the company’s forests to heat the company’s facilities, a 1-MW biogas plant powered by livestock manure, and silage from second crops to produce electricity. With the construction of three photovoltaic systems by Enel X on the roofs of the stables, the company’s commitment to sustainability continues, and with the assessment of CO2 emissions we will be able to study effective solutions for the decarbonization of the company.”

“Photovoltaics have undergone significant development in recent times, which has allowed farms to be even more of a model of sustainability,” said Massimiliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura. “Recent government measures have moved in this direction, confirming that agriculture can play its part in the ecological transition. The national agreement between Confagricoltura and Enel is strategic and the implementation of the operations in the regions and at individual farms is proof of this.”

The agreement between Enel X and Borgoluce is the tangible result of the agreement that Confagricoltura and Enel signed last year to boost photovoltaics and renewable energy within agricultural businesses. Enel recalls that the agreement was entered into as part of “Il Sistema Agricolo,” a program through which the company leverages all the business opportunities within the Group that are dedicated to the world of agriculture. The “Il Sistema Agricolo” program promotes the development and use of renewable energies, especially photovoltaics, in the agricultural and livestock sectors; ensures uniformity of approach and communication when dealing with the agricultural world and its associations; carries out strategic analyses of possible areas of development, energy saving, and digitalization of farms through sustainable business models; leverages Enel’s agricultural and forestry land in Italy with a view to redeveloping it; and proposes and evaluates sustainable and innovative projects and activities in the agroforestry and livestock sectors.