Chart Technology For California Green Hydrogen Production Facility

Chart Industries Inc. (Chart) has received an order from Element Resources Inc. (Element) for its Lancaster Clean Energy Center (LCEC), a renewable green hydrogen production facility located in Lancaster, California.

At the LCEC, Element will produce more than 20,000 tons (18,144 tonnes) of renewable green hydrogen annually through its first phase, making it one of the largest green hydrogen projects in the state. The LCEC is targeted to begin commercial operations in 2026 and will operate off-grid, using dedicated photovoltaic (PV) solar to power Element’s electrolyzers to produce hydrogen. The increased hydrogen production capacity will serve the growing demand for mobility fuels as well as energy for manufacturing.

Element is purchasing hydrogen liquefaction plants from Chart, using Chart’s hydrogen refrigeration technology, cold box design, and the associated rotating equipment. This order includes Chart’s supply of the hydrogen liquefaction system, liquid hydrogen storage tanks, and trailer loadout bays as well as liquid hydrogen transports and ISO containers. Hydrogen compression for storage, distribution, and heavy-duty fueling is also included in this order.