H-Tec Systems Technology For Spain Hydrogen Project

H-Tec Systems (H-Tech) will supply SailH2 with a 1-MW proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer for a green hydrogen project in Sevilla, Adnalusia, Spain. H-Tec’s ME450 electrolyzer will be used in the Hub La Isla H2 project, a pilot hydrogen project that will examine a variety of different applications for green hydrogen, such as power-to-mobility, power-to-industry, and power-to-gas in the 4- to 20-MW range.

During the initial project phase, SailH2 will combine1 MW of hydrolysis power with 1.5 MW of photovoltaic (PV) power, produced at a nearby PV plant. The hydrogen plant, using the PEM electrolyzer, will produce up to 136 tons (123 tonnes) of green hydrogen per year.

H-Tec will deliver the electrolyzer in September 2024. After completion of Phase 1 in 2025, Phase 2 will explore the production and distribution of 680 tons (617 tonnes) of hydrogen for decarbonizing local industrial production processes.