American Power Group Announces US$950,000 S4000 Stationary Dual Fuel Systems Order

    The Company Has Converted More Than 300 Diesel Frac Engines/Pumps To APG’s Dual Fuel Technology To Date

    Dual Fuel Technology

    American Power Group Corporation (APG) announced that it has received approximately US$1.26 million of follow-on orders since October 1, 2023, from its network of stationary certified dealer/installers. The most recent order is for US$950,000 and is anticipated to ship during the month of January.

    APG’s S4000 dual fuel technology introduces natural gas from renewable, fossil, or treated field gas into the induction system of a diesel engine, displacing up to 65% of the diesel fuel. The S4000 System does not change any of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) diesel engine components, maintaining base engine temperature and pressure parameters of the OEM engine.

    APG’s software-based dual fuel solution safely allows peak diesel displacement of up to 65% with typical average displacement of around 50% without any expensive additional pre-combustion or spark arresting hardware protection required at higher displacement rates. APG’s S4000 has a field performance reputation of the highest up-time and lowest total cost of ownership amongst the dual fuel industry. In May 2023, APG announced a 15 million cumulative run hour milestone for its stationary dual fuel applications.

    Generator power ratings from 100 kW to 12 MW have been successfully converted to APG’s dual fuel technology on a wide array of OEM diesel engine platforms including Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, Perkins, Isuzu, Nigata, MTU, John Deere, Isuzu, Detroit Diesel, MAN B&W, Komatsu, Wartsila, and Daihtsu.

    “Fiscal 2023 was a slow year for us with many operators taking a ‘wait and see’ approach given the uncertainties of both oil and gas markets as well as the overall general economic environment in the United States and abroad,” said Chuck Coppa, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO) of APG. “During the fiscal year that ended September 30, 2023, we reported total revenue of approximately US$870,000 which we believe was totally reflective of this mindset. With some degree of clarity now emerging within the energy and financial markets, we are very pleased to see operators beginning to move forward on planned dual fuel conversions.”

    “In addition to the US$1.26 million of stationary conversion orders we’ve received since October 1, we currently have an additional US$5 million of outstanding customer quotes spread among several of our stationary dealer/installers and are working diligently to convert these quotes into actual orders. Displacing up to 65% of the diesel fuel with natural gas has had an enormous impact on operating costs, emissions, and of course carbon footprint for operators using our technology. It’s only going to get better as renewable natural gas becomes more prevalent and renewable diesel becomes more ubiquitous. The ability to run on essentially four sources of fuel gives operators choices without changing the overall reliability of the well-proven diesel engine.”