OneH2 Expands Its US Footprint

New facility to manufacture H400 modular hydrogen production systems at scale.

OneH2, a hydrogen fuel equipment company, has purchased a new manufacturing facility in Clover, South Carolina. The facility includes the 246,091-sq.ft. (22,863-m2) building and the surrounding 30 acres (12 ha) of land. The facility will be used for scaling OneH2’s manufacturing output to meet its existing order book and expected demand over the next three years.

The facility is designed to manufacture H400 modular hydrogen production systems at scale, with dedicated lines for each sub-system — water treatment, steam methane reformation, gas purification, and compression. The Clover location is expected to hire a workforce that will reach 280 by January 2026.

Based in Longview, North Carolina, OneH2 develops, manufactures, deploys, and maintains all elements of the hydrogen ecosystem. OneH2 designs and manufactures products from hydrogen production plants and distribution equipment to vehicle powertrains and fuel systems.