Green Hydrogen Production Plant Planned For Rotterdam

Eneco submits application to build 800-MW plant.

Eneco, an international energy company, has submitted its planning application for the construction of the Eneco Electrolyzer, a green hydrogen production plant in Rotterdam’s Europoort industrial area. Europoort, with the other ports in Rotterdam, makes up one of the world’s largest chemical and petrochemical industrial areas.

Green hydrogen is produced using electricity generated by renewable energy. The project is the result of the June 2023 joint venture between Mitsubishi Corp. and Eneco, Eneco Diamond Hydrogen B.V.

The Eneco Electrolyzer will use renewable energy from solar parks and wind farms to produce hydrogen that is initially aimed toward the industrial sector. The sector currently uses natural gas to produce hydrogen. Moreover, hydrogen could eventually replace natural gas as a fuel in the industrial and electricity sectors and play a part in more flexible production of electricity.

The Eneco Electrolyzer will be developed next to the Enecogen power station in Europort, allowing the two locations to share some of the same infrastructure. Upon completion, the Eneco Electrolyzer will have a capacity of 800 MW and be able to produce up to 80 kilotonnes of hydrogen per year.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2026, with startup of the hydrogen plant expected in 2029.