American Power Group Granted US Patent Allowing For A Dual Fuel-Electrification Hybrid Solution

American Power Group Corporation (APG) announced that the US Patent and Tradmark Office has granted patent number 11,766,944 titled Multi-Fuel, Range Extending Power Generation Propulsion System, Method, and Apparatus to the company. “We are excited to be adding this new patent to our intellectual property portfolio of patents, applications, and enhancements,” said Chuck Coppa, APG’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer. “With new, more complicated engine technologies coming to market each year and the strong governmental push for continued tighter emissions standards, it is imperative that we continue to add to our technical capabilities and product offerings. The ability to add some level of electrification capability to our existing dual-fuel solution will not only enhance our well-documented ability to reduce existing diesel engine emissions but allow us to potentially operate the dual-fuel engine at peak efficiency nearly continuously. We also believe there is an opportunity to add supplemental torque as well as reduce or potentially eliminate truck idling on diesel. There are multiple existing electrification enhancement solutions available on the market today which we will evaluate as we determine our development timeline for this hybrid capability.”

“With a cost-effective conversion price of approximately US$10,000 per truck, plus a nominal monthly cost of a leased natural gas tank, we strongly believe APG’s V6000 Dual Fuel System is the most affordable and effective alternative fuel solution for existing Class 8 trucks available today,” said Coppa. “The ability to provide potential net fuel savings in the 25% to 30% range based on current average fuel pricing provides a fleet operator with a significant competitive advantage in their market. Adding in some form of dual-fuel electrification capability will only add to both the savings and the operational capability.”