MAN And Energy Dome Partnership Eyes Long-Duration Energy Storage

    New strategic partnership between MAN Energy Solutions and Energy Dome to provide long-duration energy storage solution to facilitate the transition to net zero.

    MAN Energy Solutions and Energy Dome have entered into a memorandum of understanding for a non-exclusive collaboration. The companies will explore the potential of integrating their individual technologies and competencies to further optimize Energy Dome’s carbon dioxide (CO2) battery technology, a long-duration energy storage system addressing the increased need for energy storage solutions worldwide. The technology recently made headlines when Alliant Energy was selected for a US$30 million Department of Energy grant for a proposed 200-MWh energy storage system that uses Energy Dome technology (see “Columbia Energy Storage Project Receives DOE Funding,” September 27, 2023,

    “Long-duration energy storage systems are vital to the success of the energy transition as they are the perfect complement to clean yet volatile renewable energies. Unfortunately, energy storage is lagging behind alternative energy production and preventing its widespread implementation,” said Matteo Falco, head of industries for Region Europe at MAN Energy Solutions. “Various technologies with different capacities and characteristics must be used to bridge this gap. This is why we are very excited to embark on this new collaboration with Energy Dome. Together, we will leverage our collective strengths and expertise to accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy storage plants.”

    Energy Dome’s technology is based on a closed thermodynamic transformation of CO2 between its gaseous and liquid states. When operating in charge mode, the CO2 is withdrawn from an atmospheric gasholder, the Dome, and compressed into an inter-refrigerated compressor, driven by a motor. The heat generated from the compression is stored in a thermal energy storage system, whereas the CO2 is liquefied and stored in vessels under pressure at ambient temperature with zero atmospheric emissions. This allows for high-density energy storage without using extreme cryogenic temperatures. In discharge mode — whenever energy is needed — the CO2 is heated up, evaporated, and sent into an expander before it flows back into the Dome. The expander drives the generator to feed climate-neutral electricity into the grid.

    “In order to shift to fully renewable and sustainable energy, we need efficient and cost-effective ways to store it. Our CO2 battery is a concrete solution that will change how sustainable, long-duration energy storage is adopted, making it more accessible and impactful for communities worldwide. The combination of MAN Energy Solutions’ advanced turbomachinery know-how with our cutting-edge battery design ensures that anyone considering the adoption of our technology solution can do so with confidence.”