WEG Goes Big In India

WEG Supplies 26-MW Motor To Steel Plant in India, The Largest Induction Motor Produced For The India Market

WEG has supplied a 26-MW custom-built induction motor to a steel plant in India, in the state of Odisha, the largest ever manufactured by WEG for the India market. The 4-pole, 11-kV motor will drive the main air compressor of the oxygen plant, essential for the operation of the entire phase one of the steel production plant.

The project involved replacing an existing motor at the plant, a task that required interchangeability of the new motor with the existing structure. For this, engineers combined all the dimensions of the machine, ensuring that no modifications were necessary on site or in the foundation. From the water inlet and outlet to the oil lines, cable entry points, and shaft details, each element was carefully considered for an efficient transition, WEG said.