A New Take On Toothpaste Tabs

    Kaylaan, a toothpaste company, has set out to create the best possible dental care that contributes to sustainability at both the environmental and economic levels. Its waterless tablets come in a tin instead of a tube, and to brush your teeth you simply grab a tab, chew, and brush with a wet toothbrush. It foams and brushes like a traditional toothpaste from there.

    Kaylaan works with Jedwards International to source its ingredients; more than 80% are organic, fair trade, and/or non-GMO, and all are 100% non-toxic. The tablets are made with natural ingredients and are also fluoride- and sulfite-free. The product contains a non-toxic natural sweetener called Xylitol that can reduce decay and plaque buildup. To help reduce plastic waste, Kaylaan uses refillable, recyclable tins and packaging made from recycled material. Reorders come in a refill bag made from 100% compostable material.

    Refill Bags

    The company supports its local New York economy by scaling the business in its hometown. They consider the impact of every aspect of operations, from using reusable gloves and hairnets to using a rotary pill press to minimize energy usage. Their goal is to recreate the dental care industry, moving away from products filled with chemicals packaged in single-use plastic and providing a solution that is non-toxic, plastic-free, and sustainable.

    The tablets are manufactured in-house to improve energy efficiency, with 1.8 gigajoules of energy usage during 2020 operations. While there is no industry benchmark, Kaylaan estimates it has saved close to 80% of resources compared to other toothpaste companies and has offset 51.6 tons (46.8 tonnes) of carbon dioxide emissions through its environmental practices. The plastic tube, toxic ingredients, and excessive water usage are all eliminated, with water only used at the facility to clean the machines.

    The company donates 2% of revenues to charitable partners each year (including in-kind product donations). Employees and customers are allowed to give feedback on where the company’s donations are allocated to. It plans to grow efforts to include providing in-kind donations to underserved populations.

    Kaylaan has planted 2150 trees so far with the Eden Restoration Project, a nonprofit organization that works work directly with villages and communities suffering from extreme poverty resulting from deforestation and the destruction of land. Kaylaan plans to explore efforts to use solar energy to offset all greenhouse gas emissions from operations and upgrade to Natoli machines for tablet production.

    The company is also B Corp certified, which is an assessment that evaluates a company’s social and environmental performance in five major categories: governance, workers, customers, community, and environment, using reliable, independent, and verifiable social and environmental performance standards. The company must earn a reviewed minimum score of 80 out of 200 points. Verification includes documentation of the company’s business model, information about operations, structure, and various work procedures, as well as a review of potential public complaints and possible site visits, considering company size and profile. Kaylaan’s B Corp score is 108.6, with the average score of businesses at around 51 points.