TES Partners With Osaka Gas To Develop Large-Scale e-NG Value Chain

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TES announced it has entered into an agreement with Osaka Gas UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co. (Osaka Gas) to jointly collaborate on developing the e-NG value chain and conduct joint studies on a wide range of e-NG related subjects.

As part of this initiative, the two companies plan to launch advocacy activities targeting relevant governments to promote the global recognition of e-NG’s value and advantages as a new green hydrogen energy carrier to achieve a carbon neutral society. They intend to work with governments to establish international rules and systems to support the commercialization of e-NG. This two-party collaboration also includes comprehensive studies on e-NG value chain development, including e-NG production, transportation, usage, and offtake. “e-NG is an essential piece of the puzzle in the scale-up of renewable energy production and reaching carbon neutrality,” said Marco Alverà, chief executive officer and cofounder of TES. “At TES, we want to win the climate race and building renewable gigascale projects to develop the hydrogen economy and end reliance on fossil fuels.”