Finland Invests In Synthetic Natural Gas Production

MAN Energy Solutions Wins Pre-Engineering Contract For Methanation Reactor In Finland

Upon completion, the Kristinestad power-to-x plant will produce 60,627 tons of synthetic natural gas annually.

Koppö Energia has commissioned MAN Energy Solutions (MAN) to deliver the front-end engineering design (FEED) for the methanation reactor of an industrial-scale power-to-X plant. The plant, with a total input capacity of 200 MW, will be built in Kristinestad, Finland, to produce green hydrogen and synthetic natural gas (SNG). Koppö Energia is a joint venture between Prime Capital, a German-based asset manager specializing in alternative energy projects, and CPC Finland, a subsidiary of project developer and green power producer, CPC Germania.

Upon completion, the Kristinestad plant will convert 200 MW of green electricity — primarily produced by wind power — initially into green hydrogen through electrolysis, and ultimately into liquefied SNG through methanation. The SNG will be used to decarbonize the European heavy-duty transport sector.

MAN is responsible for the FEED of the methanation reactor, which will eventually produce 60,627 tons (55,000 tonnes) of SNG annually. Koppö Energia plans to place the order for the delivery of the reactor system in 2024.

The new plant is part of the Koppö energy cluster, which also includes the parallel development of up to 500 MW of wind power and 100 MW of photovoltaic power that will supply the power-to-X plant with large amounts of renewable energy in the medium term.