Certarus Orders More TITAN Mobile Pipeline Modules From Hexagon Agility

    TITAN 450 Can Transport Almost Half-A-Million SCF Of CNG/RNG In A 40-Foot Module

    The TITAN 450 Mobile Pipeline Module (Image Courtesy Of Hexagon Agility)

    Hexagon Agility, a business of Hexagon Composites, signed a multiyear agreement in March 2021 with Certarus to supply Mobile Pipeline modules for compressed gases. Certarus delivers compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable natural gas (RNG), and hydrogen to industrial and commercial customers through its carbon fiber trailer network and its compression and transportation network. Hexagon Agility is a global manufacturer of Type 4 composite cylinders used for storing gas under high and low pressure.

    Under this agreement, Hexagon Agility has received an additional order estimated at US$54 million. This is the largest ever single order for the company’s Mobile Pipeline offering. Deliveries of the new orders will commence in Q1 2024.

    Certarus constructed North America’s largest network of bulk compression stations strategically located to serve large volume fuel consumption customers in key regions. (Image Courtesy Of Certarus)

    Certarus enables customers without pipeline access to transition to lower carbon energy, including CNG, RNG, and hydrogen. “We are accelerating the adoption of low-carbon fuels with use of Hexagon Agility’s next generation TITAN modules,” said Curtis Philippon, president and chief executive officer of Certarus. “The demand for our offering continues to rapidly grow as customer urgency to reduce emissions and secure reliable energy cost effectively is consistently driving us to improve our capabilities and scale our platform. The TITAN modules have been the backbone of our fleet and we are excited to expand our operations with the new TITAN 450 that will allow us to deliver more gas with fewer trips.

    “We’re proud to have worked with Certarus for over a decade to drive energy transformation,” said Miguel Raimao, vice president of Mobile Pipeline at Hexagon Agility. “Our newest innovation, the TITAN 450, expands our portfolio of gas transport solutions at a critical time when the world is increasingly turning to RNG as an immediate and cost-effective carbon negative solution.”

    The new modules will be used by Certarus to transport CNG and RNG to decarbonize industrial applications, provide critical utility support during demand peaks and pipeline outages, and connect RNG production facilities to natural gas pipelines.

    TITAN 450 can transport almost half a million scf of CNG/RNG in a 40-ft. (12.2-m) module, resulting in a lower-carbon footprint and reduced operating costs. The new product employs the latest technology in Type 4 composite cylinders and high-strength frame design. It delivers 25% greater gas capacity, while being 20% lighter in the same 40-ft. length.

    As with the current generation of TITAN products, the modules are approved for a variety of gases including CNG, RNG, helium, and hydrogen.