Ksi Lisims LNG Gets Green Light To Apply For Environmental Assessment Certificate

The 12-MTPA Project Is Designed To Be The Largest Net-Zero LNG Export Facility In The World

(Image Courtesy Of Ksi Lisims LNG)

Ksi Lisims LNG has received its process order from the British Columbia (BC) Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) and is now clear to complete a full application for an environmental assessment certificate. The project expects to submit its application later this year.

The BC government defines this phase as a formalization of how the assessment process will be carried out, “including identifying the required information; defining who does what, when, and how; and determining how participants work together for the rest of the environmental assessment and future engagement approaches [including public engagement].” The BCEAO commits to a 120-day timeframe for this phase of the process. The order was received on schedule.

Ksi Lisims LNG, pronounced as s’lisims, means “from the Nass River” in the Nisga’a language, is a proposed project at Wil Milit, north of Prince Rupert, BC, near the Nisga’a village of Gingolx. Ksi Lisims LNG’s governance structure provides each project proponent — the Nisga’a Nation, Rockies LNG, and Western LNG — with meaningful input into project development, management and operations, ensuring it is designed and operated in a manner consistent with the Nisga’a Nation’s commitment to stewardship of the land and its people.

Ksi Lisims LNG believes that the project will be one of the most significant Indigenous-supported industrial developments in Canadian history. The project could serve as an example of economic reconciliation in action: co-developed with the Nisga’a Nation and hosted on land owned by the Nisga’a Lisims Government. Designed to be net-zero ready from day one of operations, the project aligns with the BC government’s newly announced energy action framework.

The project is designed to be the largest net-zero LNG export facility in the world. Once operational, Ksi Lisims LNG will produce 12 MTPA of LNG. It will create thousands of jobs within BC and provide substantial financial benefits to the Nisga’a Nation as well as to neighboring Indigenous nations.