American Power Group Adds Three Strategic Advisors

Seung Baik, Tod Hynes, And Don Wilkins Bring Knowledge And Experience To Help Accelerate American Power Group’s Next Growth Chapter

APG’s V6000 dual fuel truck running a demo program with Sapphire Gas Solutions.

To read more about APG’s vehicular V6000 dual fuel system for the transportation industry and the stationary S4000 system for multiple off-road markets, including oil and gas, check out our exclusive feature with APG in the Q3 2022 issue of ESG Review.

American Power Group Corporation (APG), a dual fuel diesel engine conversion technology company, announced the appointment of Seung Baik, Tod Hynes, and Don Wilkins as strategic advisors to the company. From 2019 to 2023, Baik was the president of Hexagon Agility, a global provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions. Its product offerings include natural gas storage and delivery systems, Type 4 composite natural gas cylinders, propane, and natural gas fuel systems. Prior to his position as president, Baik served as chief legal officer of Agility Fuel Solutions (predecessor of Hexagon Agility) and was responsible for all legal and government affairs of the company. He led Agility Fuel Solutions through a variety of strategic transactions, including joint ventures, international expansions, acquisitions, divestitures, and commercial partnerships. “I am very excited to join as a strategic advisor to a company with such promising technology,” said Baik. “Coupled with renewable natural gas [RNG], APG’s Dual Fuel Solutions on existing diesel engines can displace millions of tons of greenhouse gases [GHGs] per year on a global basis. I look forward to working with APG’s management team to make that vision a reality.”

Over the last 20+ years, Hynes has started, invested in, and advised several companies in climate and energy space. In 2008, he founded XL Fleet, a provider of fleet electrification solutions for the commercial vehicle market and took the company public in 2020. He is currently a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he also co-founded and advises the MIT Climate and Energy Prize. He is also a senior advisor for Climate & Energy at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and is the vice chair of the board of the Woodwell Climate Research Center, a global provider of independent climate science. “APG’s technology provides an additional pathway to rapidly reduce diesel fuel consumption and emissions,” said Hynes. “We need more solutions like this which can scale independently of battery supply chain bottlenecks. I’m excited to be part of their team.”

Wilkins is a seasoned engineer with more than 25 years of experience in operations, global sourcing, product development, and marketing. Wilkins has held senior management positions with Mercury Marine, Kohler Engines, Kohler Generators, and Power Solutions International where he led the team which developed a custom line of heavy-duty natural gas engines as well as EPA/CARB-certified natural gas engines for forklifts. Wilkins also has extensive experience in the distributed power/microgrid markets using natural gas engines. “The APG Dual Fuel Systems are an elegant solution to rapidly scale the use of low-carbon and biogases in the current fleets,” said Wilkins. “I am thrilled to support the success of this technology.”

“With the purchase of our dual fuel patents and related technologies complete, a debt-free balance sheet and significant tailwinds pushing for proven cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions globally, we are at a very exciting inflection point today,” said APG Chair Matt Van Steenwyk. “Each of these gentlemen bring a wealth of knowledge and industry contacts to APG in all the critical areas needed to accelerate our growth from both a vehicular and stationary dual fuel markets perspective. We could not be more excited that Seung, Tod, and Don have agreed to join the APG team as strategic advisors.”

“We are looking forward to leveraging the vast knowledge base and networks that each of these gentlemen bring to us at APG,” said Chuck Coppa, APG’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer. “Seung is a well-known and respected alternative fuels leader who brings a strong background and extensive network in the areas of natural gas storage, delivery, and deployment. Seung has worked with many of the fleets that are the ideal customers for our V6000 Vehicular Dual Fuel Solution. Tod’s expertise with hybrid electrification solutions and capital raising efforts will be critical as we evaluate the potential of adding our dual fuel capabilities to existing or new electrification hybrid solutions. Don’s expertise in the area of stationary natural gas engine design, applications, and markets will be invaluable as we now look to expand our stationary dual fuel market into the microgrid and distributed power markets.”