MOL Group Acquires Szarvas Biogas Plant

MOL Group has announced plans to purchase the Szarvas Biogas Plant from BayWa AG. Located in Hungary, the waste processing plant uses organic wastes to produce electricity and heat through cogeneration with a peak electric power capacity of around 4 MW.

The plant processes more than 44,000 tons (40,000 tonnes) of waste a year from meat production in the region and another 58,400 tons (53,000 tonnes) of residual waste from neighboring livestock and meat processing farms. In addition, around 19,800 tons (18,000 tonnes) of agricultural substrate is used as feedstock for the plant, which produces in excess of 441 MMscf (12.5 million m3) of biogas per year.

For MOL Group, the acquisition of Szarvas Biogas Plant expands the company’s sustainable energy production portfolio. The plant possesses one of the largest biogas production capacities in Central Eastern Europe and is also located in an area where MOL Group’s exploration and production activities are already present. According to MOL Group, this creates a unique synergy by providing infrastructure to the biogas facilities for upgrading its gas products.

Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, MOL Group is an international, integrated oil, gas, petrochemicals, and consumer retail company. It is active in more than 30 countries. MOL Group operates three refineries and two petrochemical plants under integrated supply chain-management in Hungary, Slovakia, and Croatia, and owns a network of almost 2400 service stations across 10 countries in central and southeastern Europe.