Out And About On Earth Day 2023

    The Third Coast Publishing Team Finds Quirky Ways To Soak Up The Earth Day Sun

    April 22 marked the 53rd Earth Day. Celebrated around the world, the theme for 2023 was “Invest In Our Planet,” a message centered around uniting governments, institutions, businesses, and citizens.

    This year’s ESG Review Earth Day editorial focus highlighted three women-led initiatives that are tackling climate change in a unique way. As a follow up to this post, we would like to share how we spent the Earth Day weekend. Scenic views, state parks, gardening, hiking, an outdoor art festival, and spending time outside highlighted just some of the ways we can take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature and all her beauty. However, appreciation without action misses the point. We must remember that it is our responsibility as guests on planet Earth to preserve what we have and make it an even better place for future generations to enjoy.

    Danny spent Earth day in the Texas Hill Country hiking the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area and exploring the area around Wimberley.

    Danielle leads the way across the hills surrounding Enchanted Rock.
    Granite rocks sprawled around the southeast side of the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
    A flower blooms from a cactus atop Enchanted Rock.











    Débora spent Earth Day working in the garden and admiring the first tomatoes of the season. “Earth Day is a reminder to show our gratitude by acting as stewards for our planet,” said Débora. Brent spent the afternoon exploring bayou trails with his trusty companion, Stella.

    Amanda grows wildflowers every year to support the natural habitat of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

    Raeanna spent Earth Day making stained glass at an outdoor arts festival.

    Kara, along with her husband Todd, spent Earth Day outside enjoying their children’s rowing and la crosse activities. “Only in Wisconsin are we so lucky to experience all different types of weather [snow, soft rain, and warm sunshine] within the same day,” joked Kara. “Although sunshine is my favorite, snow in April is always exciting.”

    Joe Kane, age 96, enjoyed taking a walk with his grandchildren and grand dog on Earth Day.