Flowserve And Hydrogen Optimized Partner To Advance Hydrogen Production Technology

Flowserve’s SIHI Liquid Ring Compressor

Flowserve Corp., a provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, and Hydrogen Optimized, a developer and manufacturer of large-scale green hydrogen production systems, have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to advance hydrogen production with technologies and applications.

Hydrogen Optimized’s patented RuggedCell water electrolyzers convert renewable energy into green hydrogen, using a high-power architecture that enables 50-MW+ single modules to serve the clean energy requirements of major industrial applications such as steelmaking, ammonia production, and e-fuels.

Under the MoU, Flowserve will provide its SIHI Liquid Ring Compressor to Hydrogen Optimized for use with a RuggedCell system at its High-Power Demonstration Facility in Ontario. In addition, Flowserve will provide engineering support to assist in flow equipment selection, specification, and standardization to help optimize the efficiency of the back end of its hydrogen production. Through this collaboration, Hydrogen Optimized seeks to accelerate the commercialization of its RuggedCell system. Additionally, it will enable Flowserve to review critical performance data on its products which is expected to result in a technology to meet the needs of future decarbonization efforts.

“We are thrilled to team up with Hydrogen Optimized as we are fully aligned in our goals to accelerate decarbonization solutions globally,” said Mike Mancuso, Flowserve vice president of marketing and technology. “While we work in lockstep to reduce carbon emissions, we also look forward to the valuable insights we will gain from this partnership which will help pave the way for Flowserve’s future product innovation — better enabling our customers to meet their decarbonization goals.”

Flowserve’s SIHI liquid ring compressors are available in single-, double-, or multi-stage versions with a suction to 6475 scfm (11,000 m³/h) and compression pressures from 21.7 to 174 psi (1.5 to 12 bar).

“Flowserve has an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability, and we are delighted to be working with them,” said Andrew T. B. Stuart, president and CEO of Hydrogen Optimized. “We look forward to demonstrating how the integration of RuggedCell water electrolyzers with Flowserve compressors will create an exceptional product that meets the rapidly emerging demand for large-scale green hydrogen systems.”