Rockwell, New Sky, And Moore Develop New Sustainable RNG Production Method

Rockwell Automation, with New Sky Energy and Moore Control Systems, believes it is enabling a more sustainable approach to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) control for the biogas industry. A significant environmental challenge for many companies is how to manage organic waste. New Sky Energy, based in Boulder, Colorado, develops chemical solutions that help agricultural and industrial companies treat gas emissions, recover valuable chemicals, and convert raw biogas into renewable natural gas (RNG).

New Sky Energy said it is supporting the RNG energy sector with a cost-effective, sustainable system for removing H2S from biogas streams. A year after developing and piloting the SulfurSolve process — an H2S capture system — New Sky Energy reached out to a boutique engineering, procurement, and construction company, Moore Control Systems, to transition the system to commercial scale.

Moore Control Systems relied on a Rockwell Automation control platform featuring Allen‑Bradley CompactLogix controllers, PowerFlex AC drives, and a FactoryTalk View HMI to create a system that captures and removes more than 99.9% of inlet gas H2S and reduces chemical purchasing and waste disposal costs for H2S control projects by up to 90%.