Florida Adds RNG Injection Point To Pipeline System

Chesapeake Utilities Corp.’s gate station enhancement enables renewable fuel to be added into existing pipeline delivery system.

(Image Courtesy Of Chesapeake Utilities Corp.)

Chesapeake Utilities Corp. has established a fuel injection point in Yulee, Florida, that enables the receipt of renewable natural gas (RNG). The injection point can accept RNG, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is the first enhancement of a gate system in Florida that allows for alternative fuels to be injected into the pipeline delivery system.

The new injection point will enhance Florida Public Utilities’ (FPU) ability to incorporate renewable fuel into the existing pipeline delivery system and expand service to meet growing demand. A wholly owned subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities, FPU distributes natural gas and propane and provides electric services to approximately 122,500 customers in markets throughout Florida.

“Our company is committed to providing energy in a way that’s both sustainable and reliable,” said Jeff Householder, president and CEO of Chesapeake Utilities. “With this enhancement to our infrastructure in Florida, we’re continuing to expand our capabilities to meet the growing demand from consumers. The ability to incorporate alternative fuels into our energy delivery systems will not only benefit consumers, but also contribute to a lower-carbon future for our customers and our communities.”

Other RNG-related investments by Chesapeake Utilities include construction of an RNG transportation project at a landfill site in Ohio and the acquisition of Planet Found Energy Development, a poultry waste-to-biogas pilot facility.

Chesapeake Utilities offers sustainable energy solutions through its natural gas transmission and distribution, electricity generation and distribution, propane gas distribution, mobile CNG utility services and solutions, and other businesses. Chesapeake Utilities is not affiliated with Chesapeake Energy, an oil and natural gas exploration company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.