ESG Review’s 100th Weekly Update!

    100 weeks ago, we published our first weekly update for A little over two years later, we’re celebrating the growth of our magazine, subscribers, web viewers, more than 3000 Instagram followers, and our community at large.

    At the same time, we recognize we have a long way to go. The energy shortage in Europe has reminded the developed world that emissions reductions mean nothing without energy security and availability. Coal and oil are seen as reliable and easily accessible with today’s infrastructure, charting an uphill battle for alternative fuels and low-carbon industries.

    To overcome this challenge, we must work together to foster sustainable decarbonization that is realistic and practical. The good news is that many forward-thinking industries are experiencing accelerated growth. Let’s look at the strides that have been made since ESG Review launched in 2020. The data may surprise you!


    Electric Vehicles As A Percentage Of Total New Vehicles Sold In The United States

    2020: 1.8%

    2021: 3.2%

    2022: 5.8%


    Cumulative Installed Wind Capacity In The United States

    2020: 122.5 GW

    2021: 135.8 GW

    2022: 143.5 GW (estimate)


    Global LNG Trade

    2020: 356.3 MT

    2021: 372.3 MT

    2022: 399 MT (estimate)


    Global LNG Liquefaction Capacity

    2020: 453 MT

    2021: 459.9 MT

    April 2022: 472.4 MT


    US Crude Oil Production

    2020: 11.3 million barrels per day

    2021: 11.25 million barrels per day

    2022: 11.86 million barrels per day


    US Liquid Fuels Consumption

    2020: 18.1 million barrels per day

    2021: 19.89 million barrels per day

    2022: 20.27 million barrels per day


    WTI Average Spot Price

    2020: US$41.96 per barrel

    2021: US$68.21 per barrel

    2022: US$94.91 per barrel


    Percentage Of S&P 500 Companies That Publish ESG Reports

    2020: 92%

    2021: 95%

    2022: 96%


    Global Annual Renewable Capacity Additions

    2020: 278.3 GW

    2021: 295 GW

    2022: 320 GW (estimate)


    Operational RNG facilities In The United States

    2020: 158

    2021: 230

    2022: >300 (estimate)