Hydron Energy Lands Investments/Partnerships With Modern Niagara And Standard Nutrition Company

    Hydron Is Building The Manufacturing Capability To Produce The INTRUPTor Module At Its Facility In North Vancouver

    Hydron’s INTRUPTor System overcomes the inherent disadvantage of conventional biogas upgrading technologies. With its 50% capital expenditures and operating expenditure savings combined with its small scale, the INTRUPTor unlocks access to RNG production for dispersed feedstocks to produce RNG onsite for local fueling needs or to a virtual pipeline system — or a combination of both.

    Hydron Energy Inc. (Hydron), a company that is commercializing a gas upgrading solution, and Modern Niagara Group Inc. (Modern Niagara), a Canadian multi-trade contractor and building solutions company, have agreed to enter a strategic partnership providing waste-to-renewable natural gas (RNG) plants, product collaboration, and an investment into Hydron. This partnership and funding will accelerate Hydron’s Intensified Regenerative Upgrading Platform Technology (INTRUPTor) commercialization strategy and support manufacturing Hydron’s proprietary components in Canada.

    “Modern Niagara brings deep experience in high-volume production and value engineering, as well as access to significant commercial relationships,” said Hydron Energy President and CEO Soheil Khiavi. “We are excited to partner with Modern Niagara. Our shared vision will see many opportunities for commercialization of our technology as businesses across the country strive for net-zero emissions.”

    Modern Niagara Sees Value In Hydron’s Technology

    Hydron said that its patented INTRUPTor system significantly reduces the cost of upgrading biogas to RNG and enables the deployment of small-scale plants aligned with feedstock availability. According to Hydron, the INTRUPTor reduces the capital and operating costs of upgrading biogas to RNG by up to 50%, is easy to scale, and delivers a best-in-class carbon intensity score. The INTRUPTor is a containerized module system scalable from 20 to 2000 Nm3/hr (12.5 to 1250 scf/m) and delivers a best-in-class carbon intensity score.

    “With Hydron’s technology, we are confident we can bring a viable solution to the currently underserved small- to medium-sized RNG markets,” said Modern Niagara CEO Brad McAninch. “We are eager to work with Hydron to lower the cost of RNG production for customers of all sizes and scales.”

    Modern Niagara’s equity investment in Hydron will be directed toward product commercialization and manufacturing development. Hydron is building the manufacturing capability to produce the INTRUPTor Module at its facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Standard Nutrition Company Invests In Hydron

    Hydron also announced a strategic investment by Standard Nutrition Company (SNC), a company involved with livestock nutrition and management consulting. Hydron said the partnership and funding will extend the company’s in-house manufacturing program and solidify Hydron’s focus on commercial opportunities for RNG.

    “Farmers have a unique opportunity to put their manure and crop wastes to beneficial use as RNG,” said Eric Ohlendorf, president of Ag Property Solutions, a division of SNC. “But, with so many new technologies and unknowns, it’s a struggle for producers to understand all that’s involved.

    SNC consists of Standard Dairy Consultants, Standard Nutrition Services, Bluebonnet Feeds, Ag Property Solutions, and Dairy Specialists. Ag Property Solutions helps livestock producers with their facility needs. “Companies like Hydron and the tools and resources they offer are what livestock producers need to help them capitalize on RNG opportunities,” said Ohlendorf. “Hydron offers a compelling value proposition regarding cost structure, and the cost is a big issue for our clients. If we can fundamentally change that dynamic, we have a game changer in the market.”

    Hydron Adds Two New Board Members

    Modern Niagara’s Vice President of Energy Solutions Kevin Spencer will join Hydron’s Board of Directors. Hydron believes that Spencer’s 30 years of project development and execution experience will add depth and perspective to the team. This partnership is expected to accelerate the sale of Hydron’s first INTRUPTor plant into the Canadian market.

    Eric Ohlendorf is also joining Hydron’s Board of Directors, adding his agricultural expertise and views along with his connections. SNC’s five subsidiary companies provide focused support and products to some of the most successful dairy, swine, poultry producers, and horse owners.