Jenbacher Supplies 22 Engines For Ireland Data Center

Jenbacher Engines To Power Hyperscale Data Center Power Plant

(Image Courtesy Of Jenbacher)

Innio Jenbacher (Jenbacher) will deliver 22 Jenbacher Type 6 engines to Winthrop Technologies to power a hyperscale data center in Dublin, Ireland. The engines will operate on pipeline gas and provide 60 MW of continuous rated power output.

The power plant will be used for emergency backup power and grid stabilization in times of higher demand. When completed in 2023, it will be the largest engine emergency power solution for a data center operating on gas instead of diesel in Europe, the company said.

Ireland has benefited from significant amounts of foreign tech investment over the past decade, transforming the country into one of Europe’s largest hyperscale data center hubs. Today, Dublin’s standing as Europe’s second-largest data center hub creates a challenge for the country’s energy infrastructure as server farms are increasingly integrated into the national grid. Jenbacher’s island-mode solution will allow the Winthrop power plant to operate independently from the national grid during peak times and support the grid during peaking power. The Jenbacher Type 6 engines will be installed in a plug and play containerized configuration and can be converted to hydrogen operation in the future.