Element Markets Partners With Gas South To Offer FlexRNG

FlexRNG Allows Customers To Increase RNG Concentration In Natural Gas Blends

Gas South, a natural gas marketer in the Southeast, announced an agreement with Element Markets, a renewable natural gas (RNG) marketing and environmental commodities company, to offer a new, first-to-market sustainable energy product called FlexRNG.

FlexRNG is a blend of RNG and certified carbon offsets generated by a range of projects that reduce carbon emissions. The initial product is composed of 5% RNG and 95% carbon offsets, offering industrial users a cost-effective method to harness RNG and demonstrate ESG standards. “As we continue showcasing our commitment to renewable energy, Gas South is proud to partner with Element Markets to provide this innovative product to our commercial, industrial, and municipal customers,” said Kevin Greiner, president and CEO of Gas South. “FlexRNG is an affordable way to make environmentally conscious energy choices more accessible, so we are thrilled to bring it to market.”

By offering FlexRNG to its customers, Gas South is providing a tool for companies aiming to achieve net-zero emissions. FlexRNG customers will be able to track their emissions reductions progress every month according to the blend they select. Additionally, customers will have the unique opportunity to purchase FlexRNG on a three-year contract, which means they’ll have access to pricing and supply options not accessible outside of wholesale RNG markets. While the base FlexRNG will have a 5:95 RNG-to-natural gas ratio, the product is customizable. Customers can increase the RNG percentage in their blend to accelerate their net-zero emissions goals.

“Across the industry, there has been more investment in RNG in the last year than the previous 30 years combined, so this is exactly where Gas South needs to be when it comes to reacting to demand in the marketplace,” added Greiner. Element Markets is the largest marketer of environmental attributes in the nation and represents 20% of the RNG used in the US transportation market.

“RNG is a powerful tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but it has traditionally been cost prohibitive for most commercial natural gas consumers,” said Angela Schwarz, CEO of Element Markets. “We’re excited to partner with Gas South in supplying a blended product that delivers the climate benefits of RNG along with an ease of transaction that will be appealing to voluntary buyers.” Gas South serves more than 440,000 residential, business, and governmental customers in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and 10 other states.