Enphase Energy Expands Solar Battery System Compatibility

Enphase’s IQ Battery Compatibility With Third-Party Inverters In Europe

Enphase Energy (Enphase) a global energy technology company and a supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, announced that Enphase IQ batteries now officially support the most common third-party solar energy string inverters in Belgium and Germany, helping meet the increasing demand for energy independence in the region.

Since the 2021 launch of the IQ Battery in Belgium and Germany, Enphase said that installers of Enphase products have seen increasing deployments of Enphase Energy Systems powered by IQ Microinverters and IQ Batteries, as well as residential solar-only energy systems powered by IQ7, IQ7+, and IQ7A microinverters.

The Enphase Energy System provides an all-in-one solution with its IQ microinverters and IQ batteries that allows homeowners to store their energy for later use and avoid relying on expensive energy from the grid. Now, Enphase said that IQ Batteries can also be installed with both single-phase and three-phase third-party solar energy inverters, enabling homeowners in Belgium and Germany to upgrade their existing home solar systems with a reliable residential battery storage solution that reduces costs while providing increased self-reliance.

“The Belgium storage market is growing rapidly,” said Kazim Yasar, general manager at Soloya, an Enphase Silver level installer based in Belgium. “This development will enable more homeowners to connect their solar systems to an Enphase product and experience the reliability of the IQ Batteries.”

“We are excited that Enphase engineers have approved the combination of the IQ Battery with third-party inverters,” said Christopher Coolen, operational director at Alfasun, a solar and battery company based in Belgium. “This is an important step in becoming a leading solar and battery brand within Belgium.”

Enphase believes that it delivers a safer solar-plus-battery solution that does not expose installers or homeowners to high-voltage direct current (DC). Enphase IQ Batteries feature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, which provides a long cycle life and safer operation through thermal stability. The Enphase IQ batteries accommodate over-the-air software upgrades and come with a 10-year limited warranty. When used with third-party solar inverters, the Enphase App will display essential data featuring the solar production for the system.

“We are happy that the testing by Enphase engineers has resulted in the official approval to connect the IQ Battery to non-Enphase solar systems,” said Robert Hecht, founder and owner of Robert Hecht Systemtechnik, a solar and battery company based in Germany. “This will enable us to easily retrofit the IQ Battery to any installed solar system without a storage connection.”

“We are excited that Germany is the first country in Europe where Enphase officially approved a retrofit storage solution with a third-party inverter,” said Hardy Barth, founder and owner of EDV- und Elektrotechnik Hardy Barth GmbH, a solar and battery company based in Germany. “This is a clear sign of Enphase’s commitment to become a significant player in the German solar market by offering a reliable storage solution.”

“Belgium and Germany are two key and fast-growing European markets for Enphase products,” said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. “The IQ Battery’s compatibility with third-party inverters means that homeowners can easily add the residential battery storage product to their home energy systems in order to meet their energy needs.”