Burckhardt Breaks Ground On Hydrogen Test Facility

Construction has begun on new hydrogen test facility in Winterthur, Switzerland.

From Left To Right: Fabrice Billard, CEO Burckhardt Compression; Guido Kluth, Machinery Systems Manager Hydrogen Mobility Shell New Energies; Markus Vogt, Engineer, Engineering Office K. Vogt AG

Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt) has broken ground on a hydrogen test facility in Winterthur, Switzerland. Expected to be operational by the end of 2022 or early 2023, the facility will serve the further development of sealing technologies and solutions for hydrogen refueling stations for heavy-duty vehicles.

In October 2021, Burckhardt entered a partnership with Shell New Energies for the development of non-lube, high-pressure hydrogen compressor development for heavy-duty hydrogen refueling station compressor systems. As part of the partnership, Burckhardt committed to building a new test facility in Winterthur.

“Hydrogen is an energy carrier with considerable potential, especially for heavy-duty applications,” said Fabrice Billard, CEO of Burckhardt. “We are pleased to continue researching these technologies together with Shell New Energies in order to contribute to the energy transition and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Our teams, together with Shell New Energies, have successfully completed the first technical milestones of the project and this new facility will allow us to test and optimize the new compressors before launch.”