KBR Lands Shell Hydrogen Contract

KBR, a company that develops science, technology, and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world, announced on Monday that it has been awarded a contract to provide professional services to Shell Global Solutions International B.V. for hydrogen liquefaction development. KBR will provide technical solutions as part of concept studies to advance technology for large-scale hydrogen liquefaction — an alternative method for long distance renewable energy transport. Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) also provides a versatile energy solution for a wide variety of end uses including mobility, power generation, industrial and domestic heat, as well as molecular end-use markets.

“We are delighted to be part of this project and to support Shell’s net-zero emissions ambition,” said Jay Ibrahim, KBR president of sustainable technology solutions. “This contract aligns with KBR’s strategic decision to provide differentiated and sustainable solutions to our customers. KBR will leverage its hydrogen and cryogenic domain expertise with its digital tools to support Shell in this critical early phase of the development.”

For many years, KBR has been involved in the energy transition, offering proprietary sustainable technologies and professional services to clients to support decarbonization. KBR has been involved in the hydrogen value chain as both a technology provider, an advisor, and by providing differentiated project delivery solutions. KBR has licensed more than 260 syngas projects involving hydrogen production and completed a large number of projects involving gas compression and cryogenic handling and storage.