Canadian Renewable Diesel Complex Will Produce 1 Billion Liters Per Year

Imperial Oil Ltd. Wants To Build Renewable Diesel Complex In Alberta

The Strathcona Refinery Near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Imperial Oil Ltd. (Imperial), a Canadian petroleum company, plans to construct a renewable diesel complex at its Strathcona refinery near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When complete, complex will produce more than 1 billion liters per year of renewable diesel from locally sourced and grown feedstocks.

“Imperial is excited to announce our plan to build the largest renewable diesel manufacturing facility in Canada,” said Brad Corson, chair, president, and chief executive officer at Imperial. “This world-class facility will be a significant value-generating, forward-looking project that brings together our proprietary technologies and refining scale to the benefit of the environment, the economy, and local job creation.”

Renewable diesel production will source blue hydrogen (hydrogen produced from natural gas with carbon capture and storage). Approximately 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) are expected to be captured annually. The blue hydrogen and biofeedstock will be combined with a proprietary catalyst to produce premium low-carbon diesel fuel.