Equinor To Collaborate With US Steel On Hydrogen And Carbon Capture And Storage Development

    The US Appalachian Basin. (Photo Courtesy of Ole Jørgen Bratland At Equinor)

    Equinor has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with US Steel to examine the potential for hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) development in the tri-state region of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

    The MoU establishes a common objective of assessing the technological and commercial possibilities of hydrogen and CCS, in order to demonstrate the role gas can play in a future energy system that achieves climate targets.

    “A hydrogen and carbon dioxide [CO2] hub in the Appalachian Basin, utilizing the region’s natural gas resources while capturing and safely storing the emissions, would be an important tool to meet the future energy demands of domestic industry within the US ambition to achieve net-zero by 2050,” said Chris Golden, Equinor US country manager. “The United States faces a challenge to ensure that energy-intensive industries remain competitive within a net-zero scenario. This requires bold action and a collaborative approach, especially in terms of setting the appropriate policy and regulatory framework that will allow us to realize our long-term vision. We are pleased to be taking the first steps with US Steel to explore this potential opportunity.”

    Equinor US Country Manager, Chris Golden

    The initial scope of work includes feasibility studies to assess regional hydrogen and CCS potential; appropriate screening of third-party customers and suppliers; and policy advocacy to support blue hydrogen, CCS, and potential synergies with renewable energy.

    Equinor is also actively engaging the US Department of Energy (DOE) and government stakeholders to identify opportunities for increased research into hydrogen utilization technologies and investment in developing low-carbon infrastructure.