Renault And Plug Power To Develop Hydrogen-Powered Light Commercial Vehicles

    Companies Form New Joint Venture Called HYVIA

    Renault SA and Plug Power Inc. have launched a joint venture for developing hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles. Named HYVIA, both companies will have equal stakes in the newly formed entity. Renault’s David Holderbach will service as chair of HYVIA.

    HYVIA’s activities will be carried out at existing Renault facilities in France. The head office of the joint venture, as well as the research and development teams, will be located at Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, with the light commercial vehicle engineering and development center for Renault Group. The process, manufacturing, and logistics teams will be based in Flins, and plan to begin the assembly of fuel cells and recharging stations by end of 2021. The first vehicles will be assembled at the Batilly plant. The fuel cell integration will be carried out by PVI, a subsidiary of Renault Group, located in Gretz-Armainvilliers.

    (Map Courtesy Of HYVIA)

    The first three fuel cell vehicles brought to market by HYVIA will be based on the Renault Master platform and should be available in Europe by end of 2021 and accompanied with the deployment of charging stations and the supply of green hydrogen.

    (Image Courtesy Of Renault)

    “As a pioneer in new energies and the European leader in electric light commercial vehicles, Renault Group is pursuing its objective of having the greenest mix on the market by 2030 with the creation of HYVIA,” said Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group. “This joint venture integrates the entire hydrogen mobility ecosystem in a unique way, from the vehicle to infrastructure and turnkey services for customers. The development of this cutting-edge technology will enable us to strengthen our industrial base and set up new value-generating activities in France in this promising segment.”