SkySpecs Acquires Two European Wind Energy Technology Companies

SkySpecs Bolts On Fincovi And Vertikal AI To Expand Software As A Service Offering

SkySpecs believes the shift toward smarter asset investment and predictability of OEM needs will be easier with the combined proficiencies of SkySpecs, Fincovi, and Vertikal AI. (Image Courtesy Of SkySpecs)

SkySpecs, a data and automation company, has acquired two of Europe’s premier wind energy companies: Fincovi, a financial asset management business, and Vertikal AI, a company specializing in predictive maintenance for wind energy. The combined entity brings together data insight and automation to help wind farm owners and operators to optimally invest in, maintain, and manage their assets for sustainable returns. Serving customers in 26 countries, SkySpecs, Fincovi, and Vertikal AI have offices in Amsterdam; Dublin; Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States; Vejle, Denmark; and Hyderabad, India.

SkySpecs believes that as the wind industry matures and assets age, there is an urgent need for wind farm owners, operators, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to seek out data-driven predictive insight and automation to best manage operating expenses, extend asset life, and realize optimal total production. “Our global customers are facing critical challenges when it comes to budgeting and maximizing the life and returns of their assets as the wind industry matures,” said Danny Ellis, CEO of SkySpecs. “We are thrilled to join forces with these two great companies to equip global wind customers with the tools to best utilize capital and keep a pulse on their assets’ health and performance. Our vision requires world-class data, predictive insight, and automation. Collectively, we will help wind farm owners and operators to best invest in, maintain, and manage the world’s top-performing wind assets.”

“There is an incredible opportunity to integrate operating data with financial data to provide better insight into asset investment,” said Ray O’Neill, CEO of Fincovi. “Our team can’t wait to combine our capabilities to help wind farm owners decide how to invest their next dollar.”

“We use data analytics and applied AI to optimize the real-time health of wind turbines,” said Allan Larsen, CEO of Vertikal AI. “Joining with SkySpecs will enable us to deliver our predictive maintenance software to the market at scale for the greatest performance impact with wind producers.”