Nippon Gases To Reuse CO2 From Enel Geothermal Plant

In Tuscany, Enel Green Power Italia Operates The Oldest Geothermal Complex In The World, Comprised Of 34 Power Plants, With A Total Of 37 Generating Units, Located In The Provinces Of Pisa, Siena, And Grosseto

Enel Green Power Italia (Enel) and Nippon Gases Operations (Nippon), part of the Nippon Gases Italia group specializing in industrial atmospheric and process gases, have signed an agreement to build a new plant for the reuse, purification, and liquefaction for food purposes of the carbon dioxide (CO2) naturally present in the geothermal fluids of the Piancastagnaio power plants in the province of Siena, Italy. Enel will provide the geothermal fluid exiting the power plant to enable Nippon to reuse the CO2 of natural origin contained by implementing a process that purifies and liquefies the CO2.

Enel said that the amount of green CO2 reused by the circular economy project will account for about 30% of the nationwide demand for pure CO2. “This agreement is part of Enel’s broader commitment to maximizing the sustainable and circular use of geothermal resources,” said Luca Solfaroli Camillocci, head of Enel. “Our goal is to generate shared value that goes beyond the production of renewable energy, through projects that intercept the needs of people, the economy, the environment, and the territory.”

The major investment is part of a series of operations that the Nippon intends to carry out in Italy to increase its production capacity, competitiveness, and proximity to customers, with a focus on sustainable growth. “We are pleased to be part of this important project, which strengthens our leadership position in the market of CO2 and dry ice production,” said Raoul Giudici, president of Nippon. “The high reliability of Enel plants combined with modern and efficient gas purification techniques and the use of a natural product will allow the improvement of services rendered to our customers while always respecting the environment and under the banner of sustainability.”

In Tuscany, Enel operates the oldest geothermal complex in the world, comprised of 34 power plants, with a total of 37 generating units, located in the provinces of Pisa, Siena, and Grosseto. Enel said that geothermal energy, with its 916 MW of installed power and an annual production of almost 6 billion KWh, in addition to meeting 34% of the regional electricity needs and accounting for 70% of Tuscany’s production from renewable sources supplies an important sustainable tourism chain with 60,000 annual visits to museum centers, plants, and natural events in the geothermal areas.