Capturing Carbon Dioxide From Gas Engine Flue Gas

Mitsubishi Plans Carbon Capture Testing In Gas Engine Generator Sets

Gas Engine Generator Sets In MHIET’s Sagamihara Plant

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering Ltd. (MHIENG) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger Ltd. (MHIET), two group companies of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., will jointly launch demonstration testing of MHIENG’s carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology in gas engine generator sets operated by MHIET.

Beginning in July 2022 and lasting for a total of 10 months, the demonstration marks MHIENG’s first initiative capturing CO2 from gas engine flue gas.

Testing will be carried out using a compact CO2 capture system manufactured by MHIENG and installed in gas engine generator sets forming a part of an in-house power station at MHIET’s Sagamihara Plant in Japan.

Testing will study the impact of gas engine flue gas properties on capture performance and evaluate the component makeup of the captured CO2. Verification will also be performed on an operation support service utilizing MHIENG’s proprietary remote monitoring system.

Plans also call for the captured CO2 to undergo liquefaction testing to facilitate its handling.