Baker Hughes Hydrogen-Ready Turbo Compressors For Greece Compressor Station

    Baker Hughes to supply gas turbines and compressors for a new compression station on the Greek Natural Gas Transmission System.

    In July 2020, Baker Hughes and Snam successfully completed testing of the world’s first hybrid hydrogen turbine designed for a gas network.

    Baker Hughes has been awarded a contract by TERNA, the construction arm of GEK TERNA Group, to supply gas turbines and compressors that can run on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen for a new compression station in the Greek Natural Gas Transmission System. The compression station will serve domestic gas supply in Greece.

    Baker Hughes will provide three compression trains for a total of three NovaLT12 hydrogen-ready gas turbines and three PCL compressors. For this project, the technology has been designed to support the compression station with the capability to transport up to 10% hydrogen. The station is expected to enter operation in 2024 and directly supports the EU’s hydrogen strategy goals to accelerate the development of clean hydrogen and ensure its role as a cornerstone of a climate-neutral energy system by 2050.

    The design of the NovaLT12 allows for blends of between 5% and 100% hydrogen.

    This latest order builds on Baker Hughes’ experience in developing and supplying turbomachinery equipment to compress, transport, and use hydrogen. In 2020, the company collaborated with energy infrastructure network provider Snam to introduce the NovaLT12 gas turbine for transporting hydrogen-gas blends within its pipeline network in Italy, marking the first time a hybrid hydrogen turbine was integrated into a natural gas pipeline system.

    “Technology is a critical enabler of the energy transition, and our wide range of climate technology solutions helps customers decarbonize their operations. In addition, this project will advance the understanding of what’s capable in a hydrogen economy and supports Europe’s energy transition goals,” said Rod Christie, executive vice president of turbomachinery and process solutions at Baker Hughes. “Leveraging our strong foundation of technical expertise, Baker Hughes is proud to work with customers like TERNA to bring new energy frontiers forward in support of climate action, as well as helping to ensure critical natural gas and hydrogen supplies across Europe.”

    Baker Hughes’ experience in the treatment of hydrogen began in 1962 with its first hydrogen compressor. Today, the company’s technologies serve the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to transportation and utilization. The company’s portfolio includes compressors, gas turbines, valves, centrifugal pumps, non-metallic pipes, hydrogen sensors, monitoring and diagnostics including inspection solutions for hydrogen embrittlement in production and storage, as well as clean, integrated power solutions to produce power with hydrogen and hydrogen blends. The design of the NovaLT12 allows for blends of between 5% and 100% hydrogen.