South Field Energy Plant Begins Commercial Operation

Powered By GE’s HA Technology, New Combined Cycle Plant Adds 1 Gigawatt To Ohio’s Grid

South Field Energy, Wellsville, Ohio

South Field Energy, a combined cycle natural gas electric generating facility in Wellsville, Ohio, has achieved commercial operation. Managed by Advanced Power, the 1182-MW natural gas power plant produces the electricity needed to power the equivalent of approximately one million homes in Ohio. GE provided the H-Class full combined cycle plant solution — from project financing to full plant equipment to controls and services throughout the full life cycle of the plant.

The plant, built by Bechtel, consists of two identical units. Each unit includes all equipment by GE: a 7HA.02 gas turbine powering a H65 generator, a STF-D650 steam turbine powering a H53 generator, and a heat recovery steam generator. In addition to using GE’s technology for the power plant, GE provided its Mark VIe Distributed Control System software solution and services to support the availability and reliability of the plant.

“South Field Energy is Advanced Power’s third major infrastructure project in the United States, and we are proud that a leading energy development company of their caliber has once again selected GE as their partner of choice,” said Eric Gray, CEO, Americas, GE Gas Power. “For South Field Energy, we were able to provide a total plant solution, from project financing, with GE Energy Financial Services supporting the project with development financing and other credit facilities at financial close in 2018, to plant equipment, including our advanced HA technology and services for the full life-cycle of the plant.”

Advanced Power is a privately-owned company established in 2000 to develop low-carbon and renewable electric generating projects in Europe and North America. In April 2021, Advanced Power achieved financial close of Cutlass Solar, an approximately 140-MW photovoltaic (PV) solar generation project located approximately 25 miles (40 km) outside Houston. Advanced Power has more than 7000 MW in development, construction, operation, or management and, in recent years, has raised more than US$5 billion in support of its projects. Together with the 700-MW Carroll County facility in Ohio and the 1100-MW Cricket Valley facility in operation in Dover, New York, South Field Energy is Advanced Power’s third major infrastructure project now in operation in the United States.