Woodside Plans Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Production Plant In Australia

At Full Capacity, Plant Will Produce Up To 1653 Tons (1500 Tonnes) Per Day Of Hydrogen

Artist rendering of H2Perth, a phased development that will produce up to 1653 tons (1500 tonnes) per day of hydrogen for export.

Woodside Petroleum plans to build a carbon-neutral hydrogen and ammonia production facility in Western Australia. The proposed project, named H2Perth, will be built in Australia’s Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area and Rockingham Industry Zone, south of Perth.

H2Perth is a phased development that, at full capacity, will produce up to 1653 tons (1500 tonnes) per day of hydrogen for export in the form of ammonia and liquid hydrogen.

Hydrogen and ammonia from H2Perth would be produced using both electrolysis technologies and natural gas reforming, with 100% of carbon emissions abated or offset. The electrolysis component of H2Perth’s production will have an initial capacity of 250 MW, with potential to scale to more than 3 gigawatts (GW) alongside both customer demand and renewable energy growth. The initial phase of the steam methane reformer will consume 40 terajoules per day of natural gas.

Initially, H2Perth will target 330 tons (300 tonnes) per day of hydrogen production, or 20% of expected total capacity, which can be converted into 661,387 tons (600,000 tonnes) per year of ammonia or 121,254 tons (110,000 tonnes) per year of liquid hydrogen.

Subject to necessary commercial and regulatory approvals and a final investment decision, construction is expected to begin in 2024.