Sunseap Spearheads 7-GW Indonesian Solar Farm

Sunseap Explores Solar Farms In Indonesia To Power Singapore And Create One Of The Largest Interconnected Cross-Border Projects In Southeast Asia

An Onshore Sunseap Solar Power Plant (Image Courtesy Of Sunseap)

Sunseap, a Singapore-based provider specializing in the commercial sale of solar energy, zero-cost solar installation for businesses, energy efficiency solutions, and green roof solutions, is leading a consortium that will develop solar power systems in the neighboring Riau islands of Indonesia to provide electricity to Singapore. The various systems will have a combined 7 GW of peak capacity, which includes a previously announced 2.2-GW floating solar farm on Batam island, part of the Riau archipelago south of Singapore.

According to Sunseap, the project will help Singapore and Indonesia meet their green energy goals and would be one of the largest cross-border interconnected clean energy projects in Southeast Asia. “Coupled with multiple energy storage systems totaling more than 12 GWh, it aims to provide 1 GW of non-intermittent, low-carbon clean energy for Singapore and Indonesia,” said Sunseap in a statement. “The project plans to transmit the green energy to Singapore via a proposed new subsea power cable.”

The consortium aims to fulfil 20% to 25% of the target of 4 GW of low-carbon electricity imports by 2035 that Singapore announced on Monday as part of plans to diversify supply and boost energy security. Other signatories to the memorandum include Sumitomo Corp, Samsung C&T Corp, Oriens Asset Management, ESS Inc, Durapower Group, PT Mustika Combol Indah, and PT Agung Sedayu.