Neuman & Esser Partners With China’s Shunde Polytechnic Technical College On Decarbonization

    The Guangdong-Aachen Green Energy Center For Decarbonization Will Be Built Under NEA Group Guidance In South China

    Neuman & Esser Group (NEA Group) has established a cooperation with the Shunde Polytechnic, one of the earliest institutions of independent higher vocational education in China. As part of the cooperation, the Guangdong-Aachen Green Energy Center will be built under the guidance of NEA Group by the end of 2022.

    “The objective of the center is to develop and implement technologies for decarbonization of industries and applications in Guangdong Province,” said Professor Wei Xia, president of Shunde Polytechnic.

    Shunde Polytechnic Main Campus (Image Courtesy Of Shunde Polytechnic)

    The service portfolio of the center will consist of three modules. Module 1 focuses on partnerships and cooperations. In order to cover the necessary spectrum of different competencies in projects for the implementation of hydrogen technologies, various companies with specific expertise must be involved. The center will serve as a platform where companies can network to create close partnerships and collaborations for projects.

    Module 2 includes the consulting and project development services required for large-scale hydrogen technology implementation projects. The center provides companies from different sectors (energy sector, logistics sector, or mobility sector, for example) an environment for joint planning and execution of projects.

    Module 3 comprises seminars and conferences, where new approaches and solutions from the hydrogen economy are presented and discussed.

    “With the Guangdong-Aachen Green Energy Center, the Neuman & Esser Group aims to build up a close and international partner network. With this, projects can then be designed and implemented in Guangdong. In addition, we can further expand our position as a hydrogen expert in Asia-Pacific,” said Alexander Peters, managing partner of NEA Group.

    A pilot project between NEA Group and Shunde Polytechnic will begin in Q4 2021 in which an integrated electrolysis-compressor plant will be designed and connected to renewable energy sources. The hydrogen produced will power existing hydrogen vehicles in Foshan as well as be used to decarbonize local industries.