800-Pound Butter Sculpture Becomes Renewable Energy

State Fair Butter Sculpture To Be Used To Generate Renewable Energy

53rd Annual Butter Sculpture Deconstruction, New York State Fair (Image Couresty Of The American Dairy Association Northeast)

The New York State Fair has come to end. Upon closing, one of its primary attractions, an 800-lb. (363-kg) butter sculpture, embarked on its journey to become recycled energy.

This year’s American Dairy Association Northeast Butter Sculpture was constructed over a 10-day period by artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton. The butter was produced with more than 2000 gallons of milk, from Batavia, New York-based producer O-AT-KA Milk Products. The butter used for the sculpture came from butter with damaged packaging or similar circumstances that made it unsuitable for sale and consumption.

The sculpture, titled “Back To School, Sports, And Play… You’re Gonna Need Milk For That,” featured three scenes: teens in a school cafeteria, on a soccer field, and at home gaming. After being on display for 18 days, the butter sculpture was sent to Noblehurst Farms in Pavilion, New York, where it will go into a digester along with other food waste from grocery stores and local universities. The digester then breaks down the material and creates about 450 kW of electricity, which is enough to power about 350 homes for a year. On a weekly basis, Noblehurst is responsible for diverting 100 tons of food waste from local landfills.