Caterpillar Puts ESG In The Spotlight At OTC

3512E DG Tier 4 Final Engine And G3520 Non-Road Mobile Gas Genset Highlight Products Featured By Caterpillar At The 2021 Offshore Technology Conference

Caterpillar’s 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB Engine

Caterpillar’s booth at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, had a different look than in years past. Adorned with ESG garb, Caterpillar showcased its iron in a new light.

In the Third Quarter issue of ESG Review, we sat down with Caterpillar President of Energy and Transportation, Joe Creed, to discuss the company’s ESG advancements and the future energy mix of the energy and industrial sector. Given the company’s ESG focus, it’s no wonder that its booth had a particular interest in ESG this year.

Featured Products

Caterpillar Oil and Gas showcased products and solutions by Solar Turbines (Solar) and the newest addition to the family of Caterpillar companies, SPM Oil and Gas, which was acquired this February.

The Caterpillar 3512E DG Tier 4 Final engine was on display. It features increased performance with 85% diesel displacement, a factory-installed dual-fuel solution, and overall lower owning and operating costs. According to Caterpillar, the engine is the first US EPA Tier 4 Final dual-fuel certified engine and is designed to supply customers with the industry’s latest technological advancements by keeping displacement high and emissions low.

A Caterpillar G3608 Gas Compression Engine In Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Also on display was the Caterpillar G3520 Non-Road mobile gas genset (NRM). It has a rated power of 2.5 eMW and is designed to minimize ESG footprint by lowering NOx and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, decreasing flared gas, and reducing fuel costs. “By integrating conventional and low-carbon power solutions such as the Caterpillar Power Grid Stabilization [PGS], customers can maximize power output efficiently and flexibly,” said Caterpillar in a statement. “The Caterpillar PGS Module is a scalable, rapidly deployable energy storage system with a heavy-duty battery structure. The PGS integrates with solar and other renewable sources to provide short-duration power when the renewable source is not available or a virtual spinning reserve to optimize generator sets efficiency.”

Collaboration With SPM Oil And Gas And Solar Turbines

Caterpillar discussed its oil and gas products and solutions alongside SPM Oil and Gas and Solar. “At Solar, we continue to innovate and bring sustainable solutions to the industry,” said Kenneth Rumsey, oil and gas marketing manager at Solar Turbines. “A great example is the SMT60, our 5-MW block of mobile scalable power, which responds to the oilfield need for mobility, quick set up, and teardown. Powered by our Taurus 60 gas turbine, the SMT60 operates on a wide variety of fuels including field gas which would otherwise be flared. We continue to invest in digital capabilities with the Solar InSight Platform, providing an ecosystem of services, which can extend the life of our customer’s turbomachinery to maximize profitability and performance while improving the standards for efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.”

“SPM Oil and Gas remains intensely focused on helping oil and gas companies deliver the energy that powers communities and the economy while reducing costs and environmental impacts,” said Paul Coppinger, president of SPM Oil and Gas, A Caterpillar Company. “As a part of Caterpillar, we are uniquely positioned to provide optimized and customized end-to-end solutions from the engine to the wellhead. As one of the only companies with natural gas or electric-powered 5000-horsepower pumps operating in the field, we are actively providing technologies that reduce emissions while promoting efficiency gains for positive operations and bottom-line impact.”