New Combined Cycle Plant Aids Taiwan’s Renewable Goals

The plant adds approximately 535 MW of electricity, as well as steam for district heating for the citizens of the Chiayi Province.

Commercial operation of Chia Hui Power Corp.’s combined heat and power plant (CHP) has begun. Located in Minxiong Township, Taiwan, GE provided the HA-powered turnkey combined cycle plant, covering the full plant lifecycle including power generation equipment, analytics and controls software, and service agreements. The plant adds approximately 535 MW, the equivalent electricity needed to power approximately 600,000 Taiwanese homes, adds steam for district heating for the citizens of the Chiayi province, and supports Taiwan’s Renewable Energy Development Act (REDA) energy policy, which seeks to increase the gas-fired power ratio to 50% by year 2025.


“Taiwan’s Renewable Energy Development Act was enacted to promote the utilization of renewable energy, increase energy diversification, improve environmental quality, energize the industry, and drive the national sustainable development,” said Kent Chen, general manager of Chia Hui Power Corp.


The power plant is comprised of a single generating block equipped with a GE’s 7HA.02 gas turbine powering an H65 generator, a STF-A650 steam turbine powering an H33 generator, and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). GE will provide maintenance services for 10 years.


Overall plant performance will be monitored with GE’s Mark VIe Distributed Control System software solution. Mark VIe is utilized for system-wide programming, configuration, trending, and analyzing diagnostics.